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Looking for Orthodontic Services in Camarillo? Here’s what our patients are saying about Dr. Wright and our office:

“I’m a general dentist with more than 30 years experience, the most recent of which was working 6 years as an associate in an office in Camarillo. During that time I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the care rendered by many of the area’s orthodontists. Quality care begins with an accurate diagnosis, followed by the creation of an appropriate treatment plan, then carrying out that treatment plan to the final result, which then must be preserved via adequate follow-up. Performance by the various orthodontists ranged from disappointing to excellent. There were few whose level of care was consistently excellent. When my wife finally decided to pursue much overdue orthodontic treatment I chose Dr. Wright because of his consistently outstanding results. I had no firsthand knowledge of Dr. Wright’s office staff, nor how his practice functions. I do know that to provide quality care in any dental office, general or specialist, it requires a quality staff. However, this requirement is more applicable to orthodontists than to any other area of dentistry. Not unexpectedly, Dr. Wright’s supporting cast is outstanding. Frankly, finding people of this caliber, highly skilled in the tangibles and intangibles, is perhaps the most formidable task for any dentist, and this staff is the finest I have ever encountered. Wait time? The keys to minimizing this are many. I won’t delve into them in this post, suffice it to say I accompanied my wife to each of her appointments and a typical wait-time was less than 60 seconds. We usually arrived 5 or so minutes early so she was actually called in before her appointed time. This translates into an extremely well organized office in all aspects of rendering care. Dr. Wright’s clinical attention to detail is reflected in the office itself. Very clean, with reminders everywhere that, unlike some healthcare providers’ offices, their first priority is the patients they serve.”
“Dr. Wright and his entire staff are the single greatest orthodontics professionals I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. My daughter had a variety of issues which Dr. Wright was able to resolve with such expertise that it amazed me with the final results. Every single one of the multiple issues that Dr. Wright had to correct was accomplished not only with great expertise, but with such a wonderful and caring manner from a doctor who always made sure we understood exactly what needed to be corrected, how it was going to be corrected and with each and every single visit both his services and his courtesy made this a wonderful experience. The cost was very reasonable and well worth it! Today my daughter walked out with a perfect smile and I walked out knowing that Dr. Wright and his staff are like family. Thank you so very much!”
“I had nothing but a positive experience throughout the whole process of my braces. I never would have been able to accomplish all those appointments and processes without the kindness, patience and understanding of everyone there. I felt like I was visiting friends and family each time. I never waited for my appointment, I was always greeted by my name (with a friendly smile), and received efficient, gentle adjustments each time I was there. I never felt like I was just another patient. I am still not used to looking in the mirror and recognizing who that is. Needless to say, I am forever grateful for all you have given me and I will be thankful for the rest of my life.”
“This office has been an amazing experience for my family. It was especially convenient that anyone who answered the phone could always answer my questions whether it be about appointments or billing. It is very difficult to find a good office in town for dental needs, “Good” meaning the doctor, assistants and the front office. Thank you!”
“I couldn’t have received better treatment anywhere else. The entire family at the Wright Center for Orthodontics is top notch! Thanks for making my time at your office a memorable one.”
“You guys already know how much I love the people and level of service there. But I just wanted to add: Hope went out of her way to help me investigate the situation with our previous insurance. She had answers for me even before I got home, after immediately leaving the office!”
“Both my kids and I had our braces done by Dr. Wright. I can’t say enough good things about him or his team. He doesn’t brag about it, but I notice that he graduated #1 in his class from UCLA dentistry. If you want someone working on your family’s mouths that will last forever, you want the guy who graduated #1 from UCLA. The guy that graduated #354 from Hollywood Upstairs Dental school is also called Doctor, but who do you want in your mouth? Dr. Wright’s staff is top notch also. My kids had traditional braces and I had Invisalign which is a great option for adults. Five stars all the way!”
“My dentist recommended that my oldest see Dr. Wright and I’m glad that he did. The office is new, nicely appointed and modern. The waiting room welcomes new patients by displaying their names on a large chalkboard. This turned out to be a very calming feature for my daughter’s first orthodontics appointment. The front office staff are very friendly. They must have taken good notes, because upon each visit they greet the entire family by name. Dr. Wright is warm and patient. He thoroughly explains the process of having and caring for braces. Before each adjustment he goes over exactly what will be done and how it will effect the overall outcome and any discomfort involved. Considering this is a two year process, we are very satisfied with our choice. I highly recommend the Wright Center for Orthodontics.”
“Dr Wright is awesome. I have a son with Asperger’s Syndrome and sensory integration dysfunction. Imagine doing braces with this kid. Every adjustment is like a big deal. And sometimes there is crying involved. Yes, my life isnt easy. But Dr Wright and his staff are SOOOO patient. Their office was recommended by our dentist who is also in Camarill,o but Dr Wright had to be pretty special for us to sign up to drive from Simi to Camarillo for all the years they have been treating my son. His office runs on time, is state of the art, impecably clean, they are very giving of their time and of all the equipment you need (we must have 8 or 9 retainer containers). They have magazines and before and after pictures for the grown ups, and toys and video games for the kids. I couldn’t have asked for a better Ortho office for my kid.”
“Dr. Wright is the best! His staff is so loving and really professional. When it was time for my daughter to get her braces I thought I would need to get 3 opinions. Well, Dr. Wright was the first Dr. we saw and with his great expertise and being so loving and patient he was the only one for my daughter. She just loves him. I have to say he is the best, and she is looking really good. I give him and his staff a 10+!”
“I could not be happier with the treatment my kids have received at the Wright Center for Orthodontics. My kids love going there too, painless and the staff is always very gentle and very kind. I have triplets and all three are happy patients of Dr. Wright. He’s very good at explaining the treatment plans and is great with the kids. Two of them are wearing braces for the first (and only) time, while the third, unfortunately, is receiving treatment to remedy the poor job that was done at another orthodontic office. Dr. Wright is trustworthy, intelligent, and well trained. He really is the right choice for your children’s orthodontia needs.”
“If you’re in the market for an awesome Orthodontist, look no further. Dr. Wright is professional, kind, funny, considerate and amazingly skilled. He takes the time to thoroughly explain the process and his work is flawless because he is so detail oriented. Staff at the office are warm, friendly and gentle, and will work with your schedule and personal needs. I’m so glad that I chose this practice to have my ortho work. I think I will actually miss seeing those friendly faces once a month. I highly recommend Dr. Wright’s practice.”